How does DiGence® work?

DiGenceĀ® fuses human perspective with data-driven insights to create a clear picture of your business. We distill the insights into clear recommendations that align to your ambition and guide stakeholder decisions.


2-3 hours

Working with our team, together we capture your objectives, business structure and key stakeholders and define which part of your organisation is within the scope of this process. We set you up in DiGence®, and the journey begins.

Data Collection

About 2 hours per business function

Our DiGence® analysts map out your business processes and current systems and start the data collection process by interviewing your team.


1-2 days

After all the data is collected, DiGence® analysts recognise where the business performs the weakest. These insights could range widely, from specific departments, to repeated tasks or singular processes.


1-2 days

On top of data-driven insights, DiGence® also predicts how the status of your business will change in two to three years if the recommendations are applied. DiGence® highlights the business challenges that the technology could resolve and offer pragmatic solutions to create a competitive advantage.


1-2 days

When all the insights that could help you meet your business requirements are gathered, DiGence® technology strategists suggest systems, applications, tech stacks, service lines and many more potential forms of technology. These recommendations are data-driven, unbiased, pragmatic and based on the many years of experience our team has gained in different industries.


1-2 days

One of the main outputs of the DiGence® process is the Tech Strategy Roadmap. This is a work plan for developing and implementing recommendations suggested by DiGence® in 12 to 18 months, which can be applied while keeping your transformation project on budget and bringing you the highest return on your investment.