DiGence® is created by Geeks

DiGence® is a transformation framework enabled by technology that empowers leaders with precise data to prioritise actions that create competitive advantage. DiGence® is a product and service by Geeks. At Geeks, we have a passion for technology but we don’t believe in tech for its own sake. We believe it should make today simpler and tomorrow worth looking forward to. We created DiGence® to make the technology work best for our clients and guide them through a smooth and reliable digital transformation journey.

DiGence® is created by Geeks


We are honoured by many awards as part of the Geeks Group which you can see Geeks Awards on the Geeks website. But below are what we have won for DiGence® specifically.

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation

Geeks is delighted to announce that they won the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation. The Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) unveiled the 2014 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winners on 21 April.

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