Act on fact with collective clarity

DiGence® is a transformation framework enabled by technology. It empowers leaders with clear data to prioritise actions that make sense for everyone. In just a few days


of digital transformation projects fail

The biggest challenge for high-growth businesses is investing in the right technology at the right time. DiGence® is a data-driven framework that shows business leaders exactly what to do for the highest ROI.


Prioritise the right problems for better success

DiGence® offers answers to these 9 Golden Questions of digital transformation.

Which existing systems have we outgrown?

How much time are we spending on exactly which processes?

Where can technology improve the customer experience?

What is the scale and impact of each inefficiency across the business?

What should and shouldn't we automate across the business and why?

What to digitally transform for maximum impact on our brand position and growth opportunities?

Which bottlenecks across the business can slow our growth?

Which processes are impacting our staff morale and to what extent?

Where can technology empower our people and reduce churn?

The DiGence® way

Ensuring transparency and clarity, we follow an efficient process with proactive strategies to gather, evaluate and process the data to help businesses streamline operations effectively without causing any disruption.


1 Assess

Showing what you don't know

DiGence® fuses human perspective with data-driven insights to create a clear picture of your business.

2 Align

Making the possible visible

We distill the insights into clear recommendations that align to your ambition and guide stakeholder decisions.

3 Act

Transform together

DiGence® maps the next 12-18 months to show what actions will have the greatest impact. Your roadmap is fuelled by deep intelligence and common sense - so everyone can see what's possible, where you're headed and what matters most.

Do you know where to start your journey?

Every digital evolution journey has to start somewhere. And it’s different for every business.

Start with our workbook and get things going in your team.

DiGence Workbook

The Morr & Co Case Study

DiGence® really was exactly what we were looking for. Rather than spending large variable costs and months reviewing, we got a report that was so helpful and created the confidence the business needed going forward.
Greg Vincent
Partner MORR & CO

of data was shared via email and digital files making it less accessible across departments


process steps were captured across 7 departments


of process steps had the potential for automation

Case Studies

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